WAVit Program

0% Credit Card Processing


Accepting Cards Has
Never Been So Easy.

Whether in your brick-and-mortar location, your roaming pop-up stand, or on your e-commerce site, we know you strive to give your customers a great experience. And that means giving them options when they’re ready to pay. With our new WAVitTM program, accepting all the major card brands has never been easier – or better for your bottom line.


When you enroll in WAVit, you enroll in a premier processing program that gives you unlimited processing at a simple, flat monthly rate. With WAVit, you no longer pay processing fess for every transaction – for $39.99 a month, you get unlimited payment card processing.

Better For You.
Better for Business.

With WAVit, you’re able to keep more of the money your business brings in. So expand. open a new location. Hire more staff. Branch out with different product offerings or services. WAVit makes running your business more profitable than ever.

More Profit. More Opportunity.

As merchant advocates, we’re here to help businesses thrive. Our WAVit program helps your business do just that. WAVit was designed to help businesses process card transactions as securely and economically as possible. And we’re proud to offer a program that reflects our commitment to driving down costs and helping you grow your business.

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